AP-Flyer, together with its business partner – Sunit Oy, offers its clients modern on-board computer systems for a variety of applications.

Sunit is a leading manufacturer of modern on-board computers, telematics systems, vehicle fleet monitoring systems (AVL) and vehicle HUBs. Thanks to the active cooperation of AP-Flyer and Sunit, our on-board computers are constantly modernized, equipped with new functionalities and introduced to new markets.

Sunit computers meet all the EU and industry standards ISO, IEC and EMC required by the European Union. They are used in Command and Rescue Support Systems, as well as in the work of uniformed, medical and police services. These computers provide a stable platform for variety of applications, wireless connectivity in the GSM / GPRS / EDGE / WiFI / Bluetooth standards and the use of CANBus, Video and other interfaces.

Based on over 20 years of experience, Sunit has developed new models of on-board computers. They are the most sophisticated structures among this type of devices intended for ICT applications in vehicles. The latest Sunit computers have been specially designed to meet, above all, the requirements of the strict standards of the automotive industry, to be compatible with the vehicle industrial ISO, IEC and EMC standards. Traditionally, Sunit computers have a certificate of compliance with the requirements for devices installed in vehicles specified in the EU Directive of the European Commission 2006/28 / EC and PN-S76020.

The guiding principle behind the construction of the new line of Sunit on-board computers was to meet the current and future needs of vehicle users and to be compatible with the requirements of the customers’ IT systems. The answer to these requirements is the modular design of the computer. Thanks to the industrial architecture of PC / 104, Sunit adapts to various needs related to both fleet management and is an ideal solution for mobile Command Support Systems of uniformed services (Police, Border Guard, Customs Police, army, etc.) and rescue services (Ambulance Service, Fire Department etc.). The modular design allows for the upgrade of individual modules to the latest technological level.

Sunit provides all available options for two-way communication with the world:

  • LTE / 3G / UMTS / EDGE / GSM,
  • Bluetooth,
  • LAN,
  • WLAN,
  • TETRA.

Thanks to the modular structure, systems such as the GSM / GPRS interface, GPS navigation and CAN interface work independently of the operating mode of the “PC” part of the computer and its operating system. Other modern technologies for interacting with the vehicle and its operator (driver) include:

  • J1939 CAN-BUS communication interface allowing full and remote access to technical data and vehicle operating parameters,
  • car interfaces of the power modes Igni15, Wake-up, Watchdog, Ignition PC Start / Stop Delay allowing to control the computer operating mode depending on the vehicle operating mode,
  • TV and Radio RDS tuners, cameras, microphones, speakers.

Associated technologies:

  • GPS (NMEA) navigation in VTG, RMC, GGA, GSA, GSV, multiple SBAS standards,
  • inertial navigation (gyroscope, odometer, direction sensor),
  • ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition System,
  • video camera,
  • navigation software that allows you to choose the optimal route and contains a database of roads and maps.