AP-FLYER is an authorized distributor of DURABOOK in Poland. All notebooks bearing the DURABOOK brand meet the durability standards set by the European Commission and military specifications (US Military).

DURABOOK portable computers are adapted to work in harsh conditions prevailing in industrial plants. Thanks to the use of the highest quality components, the devices are adapted to work in extreme temperatures and high humidity. They have certificates of ingress protection IP, transport ASTM and military MIL-STD-810G. They are resistant to vibrations while working in a helicopter, high humidity or extreme ambient temperatures. Built-in energy saving systems ensure the possibility of continuous operation even for about 12 hours.

All DURABOOK computers have a hard case made of magnesium alloy, which guarantees 20 times greater resistance to shocks, vibrations and falls, which means that the data stored in the computer is much more secure. This durability has been attested by giving them the worldwide military standard MIL STD 810G.
DURABOOK is also shockproof computer. The special anti-shock mounting design protects the LCD screen and hard disk from damage and data loss. Flexible HDD cable construction, absorbs shock caused by falling. Shock resistance has been confirmed by the MIL STD 810G standard.

The keyboard, touchpad and DURABOOK switches are resistant to spills. The design of the notebook protects all external connectors against possible penetration of fluid into sensitive parts inside the computer.
The built-in optical drive tray is secured against spontaneous ejection due to falling or shocks.
In addition, each of the DURABOOK series computers is equipped with double protection of battery circuits. This allows you to protect your computer against damage caused by unstable power supply or power surges and overheating.
Intelligent battery calibration helps to prevent capacity loss due to repeated charge-discharge cycles.
DURABOOK computers have a unique COM (RS232) port, which is often necessary for mobile services and used by industrial plant employees. Built-in GPS receivers and the latest generation LTE (4G) modems provide mobility without any restrictions.

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