• Vector Network Analyzer

Vector Network Analyzers

GA362X Series Vector Network Analyzers are a combination of a high-precision synthesized signal source with latest technology, narrow-band receiver, high-speed embedded computers and the Windows operating system. They are characterized by high measurement accuracy, fast measurement speed and strong measurement adaptability. Windows user interface is more user-friendly and suitable for mass production of RF components, equipment and measurement applications used in manufacturing with a very high performance – low cost factor.

GA362X Series Vector Network Analyzers have powerful measurement functions, mainly used in the field of wireless communication, television broadcast, education, scientific research and other RF applications. They’re also ideal for the Amplifier, Coaxial cable, Splitters, Combiners, Antennas, Couplers, Filters, Isolators, Branch distributors, Crystal, SAW RF devices. They can make a full range of measurement for their S-parameter of these RF devices, such as the Amplitude Frequency characteristics, Reflective characteristics, Phase characteristics and Delay characteristics. They can make a fast and accurate measurement for the RF device’s Insertion loss, Attenuation, Isolation, Gain, Frequency response, In-band Flatness, Phase, Group delay, Return loss, SWR, Impedance, 3dB Bandwidth, Band rejection, Stopband bandwidth, Rectangular coefficients and so on.