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Spitzenberger & Spies

Spitzenberger & Spies is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for analogue linear transistor amplifiers, AC/DC current and voltage power supplies for industrial measurement and testing systems.

Their offer extends from single amplifiers for AC and DC mains simulation to complex, completely computer controlled, testing and measurement systems. Based on the 4-quadrant linear power amplifiers they are able to simulate all supply voltages from DC to several hundred kHz with power up to the megawatt range.

Spitzenberger & Spies products are mainly used in development and test laboratories and quality assurance departments. Many certified bodies all around the world rely on Spitzenberger & Spies.


  • Photovoltaic – test and simulation systems
  • Automotive & Avionic – test and simulation systems
  • Current and voltage sources
  • EMC – test and simulation systems
  • Customer specific special test benches