Komory EMC, wykrywanie dronówAbout us

AP-FLYER offers:

  • design, installation, putting into operation and service of anechoic chambers, shielded rooms for the needs of medical devices, servers and the secret chambers – COMTEST, SAMWHA, AARONIA
  • control and measuring devices: spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, amplifiers and antennas – AARONIA and GRATTEN
  • drone detection systems – AARONIA
  • certified, enhanced mobile computers and tablets – DURABOOK, Bormann
  • certified industrial computers for installation in cars – SUNIT
  • FingerBanking and FingerPayment solutions: easier to withdraw cash over the counter at the bank or ATM, secure banking transactions using finger prints, preventing the use of false identities or the identity of undesirable person to open a bank account, eliminating the costly and time-consuming system of password management in the bank – DERMALOG