• Wykrywanie dronów

Drone detection


Anti-UAV System to monitor, detect and defeat unwanted Drones

AP-Flyer, together with its business partner – the German company Aaronia AG, offers innovative and technologically advanced Drone Detection System – AARTOS (Advanced Automatic RF Tracking and Observation Solution).

Aaronia AG designs and develops RF and MW test and measurement equipment. The company’s initial focus laid on spectrum analyzers, generators, antennas and shielding materials. Recently Aaronia’s main focus has become the design and development of high-end drone detection and counter-UAV equipment based on RF signal detection. In 2015, after four years of development, the AARTOS Drone Detection System was released. Thanks to active cooperation of AP-Flyer with Aaronia, the AARTOS system is constantly being developed and introduced to new markets.

This System is used to detect the incursion of unwanted drones, based on the directional real-time measurement of the electromagnetic emissions of drones. It warns the operator when drones are in the area and sends alerts.

The system has no limitation in detection range, usually the detection range is the same as the distance from the operator to the drone (or better) so it always depends on the transmitter power of the drone/operator. Depending on the drone type it could be several km / miles without problems.

Available as single-side (one 3D antenna) or multiple-side solution (multi 3D antennas) the system is adjustable to the characteristics of the terrain to be monitored.

Furthermore, we offer Counter-Measure Solutions – JAMMER. The system can be extended by a jammer that can effectively prevent rf contact with a drone to force it into the fail-safe mode, e.g. to land or to hover. We have two jammer versions – backpack jammer (mobile) or sector jammer (stationary). Depending on Jammer model, its range is up to 8 km. The AARTOS CMS (Counter-Measure Solutions) can only be sold to entities, which have proper government permits for the deployment of jammers. Contact us for more information.

The drone detection system can be used virtually anywhere. Typical scenarios are the protection of airports, governmental and commercial buildings, border, industrial areas like: power plants and refineries, residential areas.

Please, read the leaflets about the system, and if you have questions – contact us!

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