Biometric systems

REINER SCT and DERMALOG are global leaders in the biometric technologies. With the development of technology, biometric readers have become extremely popular. Passports, ID cards or personal health cards are more and more often equipped with chips on which biometric data is stored. Authenticated electronic signature on the ID card gives the opportunity to costlessly confirm your identity, or sign all documents at a distance. Banking is another application for biometric readers. You can forget your money and your bank card, and you can forget PIN numbers. But you cannot forget your finger. FingerPayment DERMALOG was created for the needs of the banking sector to provide the safest, convenient and quick tool for verifying the identity of bank clients. FingerPayment is used e.g. at biometric ATMs, information kiosks, bank branches, online banking and POS terminals.


AP-FLYER is a distributor of REINER Kartengeräte GmbH und Co. KG (REINER SCT) in Poland. We have the opportunity to present our clients the eID card readers attending new Polish ID cards with a biometric layer (chip). 

We currently offer two models of eID card readers fully personalized for the Polish market:

CyberJack® RFID comfort (PL) supports smart cards in contact and contactless versions. The CyberJack® RFID comfort (PL) can be used in the following services: nID – National ID (through ID cardApp), RFID non-contact compatible services ISO/IEC 14443, bank cards/ATMs (on-line banking, payment cards), e-Signature in accordance with ISO/IEC 7816 and for reading the electronic health card – eHealth.
The instruction for the CyberJack® RFID comfort (PL) and CyberJack® RFID standard (PL), available in Polish: instruction.

CyberJack® wave (PL) makes it possible to safeguard apps and transactions with chip card-based security via Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 LE for the first time, and to guarantee the highest security level through an independent display with secure PIN entry.
The instruction for the CyberJack® wave (PL), available in Polish: instruction.
The bluetooth driver for the CyberJack® wave (PL): driver (Win).

CyberJack® RFID standard (PL) is a handy smart card reader supporting almost all applications of contact and contactless RFID smart cards. Whether HBCI/FinTS or EBICS, thanks to the Secoder function in this reader you can carry out your online banking in accordance with the strict security standards of Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft.

The drivers for the CyberJack® RFID comfort (PL), CyberJack® RFID standard (PL), CyberJack® wave (PL): drivers (Win).


The DERMALOG AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) provides state-of-the-art quality in fingerprint technology. Due to continuous advancements DERMALOG has managed to develop an identification system that is far ahead of its time, being the first ever AFIS in the world capable of matching more than 129 million fingerprints within one second on a standard server without loss of accuracy.

Solutions for banks

FingerPayment based on DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH technology, Germany’s biggest biometric systems manufacturer and expert in the biometric field regarding AFIS and Hardware production.

The innovative payment system “FingerPayment” enables to leave cash and EC cards at home in future. It makes payment fast and simple. All you have to do to make use of this payment system is to register both index fingers and selected personal data. After that you can leave your wallet at home. Payment is by finger, simply placing it on the new finger scanner at the cashdesk.


  • No need to hunt around for the right change or the right card. All you have to do is put your finger on the scanner.
  • Half the time needed for a payment transaction.
  • Prevents queues at the cashdesk.
  • One time registration enables to use FingerPayment at every participating partner.
  • No PIN anymore.
  • Innovative solution helping to be silhouetted against competitors.