• Oscilloscope Gratten
  • Oscilloscope Gratten
  • Oscilloscope Gratten


The most powerful portable digital oscilloscope at present, the perfect combo with top performance and powerful function, which represents the highest standards presently available in digital storage oscilloscopes.

Gratten digital storage oscilloscopes combine mature and steady hardware configuration, high-powered digital signal processing technology and functionality concepts with a mainstream display interface and the operation panel. In our design we did not attempt to match the specifications and usability of other comparable products currently on the market, but rather to exceed them in every respect, often outperforming same level products internationally.

The oscilloscopes series, with its intuitive logical and convenient user interface and attractive price make it a good value for money.

Available models of the oscilloscopes:

  • GA1000 Series Digital Storage
  • GA70XX Series PXI Modular