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  • RF Test Gratten
  • RF Test Gratten

RF Test – education kit

Gratten Technology is a pioneer in manufacturing RF Training kits which are widely used in Universities and Educational Institutions. The training kits are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the simple theory of easy operation and understanding. These kits enable the students to understand and know the technical working of the RF products in the real world.

Students can perform various experiments and understand the fundamentals of the RF Technology. AT3200 Antenna Training Kit and AT-RF3030 Training kits are ideal learning tools for the aspiring engineers.

Available models of the RF Training kits:

RF Training System:

  • AT3030 (3GHz)

Antenna Training System:

  • AT3200
  • AT3201A/ AT3201B

Waveguide Training System:

  • AT3000 Series