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  • Finger payment

Finger payment

“You can forget your money and your bank card, and you can forget PIN numbers. But you can’t forget your finger.” AP-FLYER is an official partner of DERMALOG GmbH (www.dermalog.com) company in Poland. FingerPayment based on DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH technology, Germany’s biggest biometric systems manufacturer and expert in the biometric field regarding AFIS and Hardware production. DERMALOG has by now installed more than 70 large international biometric facilities in all parts of the world.

The Idea

The innovative payment system “FingerPayment” enables to leave cash and EC cards at home in future. It makes payment fast and simple – all you have to do to make use of this payment system is to register both index fingers and selected personal data. After that you can leave your wallet at home. Payment is by finger, simply placing it on the new finger scanner at the cashdesk.


The principle is relatively simple – EC card, selected personal data and two fingers are scanned in and linked with one another in the computer. During the scan of the fingerprint a quality, fake and liveness detection check is done ensuring the quality of the fingerprint and authenticity of the finger.

Payment Process

The next time you go shopping, there is no need to take your EC card with you – you just place one finger on the scanner. If the finger is found in the FingerPayment AFIS database, the corresponding number is send to the database of the cash provider where the corresponding amount is debited from the associated card, i.e. from the account related to it. Operation of this system requires a suitable finger scanner at the cashdesk, and a central fingerprint system (AFIS database) which immediately finds the right fingerprint from a very large number of data records.


For biometric systems such as Finger-Payment, security is vital. Therefore the scanners are equipped with a special system for “Live Finger Identification”, which automatically identifies and rejects fake fingerprints. Data privacy is also vital. The FingerPayment database does not store personal data or account data. Only a reference number and the fingerprint template of each person are stored. FingerPayment does not know to which person a given fingerprint record belongs to. If a fingerprint is found in the course of the payment transaction, only the associated number is forwarded to the relevant agency. The appropriate amount is then debited, the same as with any card payment system.


  • No need to hunt around for the right change or the right card. All you have to do is put your finger on the scanner.
  • Half the time needed for a payment transaction.
  • Prevents queues at the cashdesk.
  • One time registration enables to use FingerPayment at every participating partner
  • No PIN anymore
  • Innovative solution helping to be silhouetted against competitors