Anechoic chamber

AP-FLYER is an official partner of COMTEST Company in Poland ( An anechoic chamber is a RF shielded room which walls and ceiling have been covered with Radiation Absorbent Material (RAM) that scatters or absorbs so much of the incident energy that it can simulate free space. An anechoic chamber is simulating an Open Area Test Site (OATS), without interference from environmental electromagnetic field pollution. Its origins can be traced to efforts to build aircrafts which absorbed or scattered radar signals during the Second World War. Recent innovations such as the use of ferrite tiles, have greatly enhanced the performance of these anechoic chambers. The anechoic chamber is typically used to house the equipment for performing measurements of antenna radiation patterns, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radar cross section (RCS) measurements. Testing can be conducted on full-scale objects including various electronic devices, vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, or on scale models where the wavelength of the measuring radiation is scaled in direct proportion to the target size. The internal appearance of anechoic chambers is sometimes similar to that of an acoustic anechoic chamber, however, the interior surfaces of the RF anechoic chamber are covered with radiation absorbent material (RAM) instead of acoustically absorbent material. To satisfy each unique customer requirement Comtest Engineering can provide turnkey solutions for the following EMC test facilities:

  • 3m (semi) Anechoic Chamber
  • 5m (semi) Anechoic Chamber
  • 10m (semi) Anechoic Chamber
  • Compact Anechoic Chamber
  • CISPR-25 Anechoic Chamber
  • Mil STD Anechoic Chamber
  • Microwave Test Chamber (Antenna & RCS)