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AP-FLYER offers its customers broadband antennas from Aaronia. Antennas of German manufacturer are used for measurements of the intensity of the electromagnetic field interference in the full frequency range without switching ranges during the device’s work. They cooperate with spectral analyzers for measuring electromagnetic compatibility. They can be used in the lab and for open-field application. They are lightweight and have small dimensions. These antennas are suitable for measurements according to the following standards and specifications: CISPR, VDE, MIL, VG, EN 55011, EN 55013, EN 55015, EN 55022, MIL-Std-461.

We offer the following types of antennas:

    High Gain • Robust • with Preamp
    The HyperLOG series are Aaronia’s famous high-quality, log-periodic antennas with a wide frequency range of up to 35GHz. An unmatched bandwidth, combined with high directional accuracy and high gain are the key ingredients for the success of these antennas. The HyperLOGs are available as passive or active versions.

    Types Highlights
    HyperLOG Series
    • Frequency: 380MHz-35GHz
    • Wide Bandwidth
    • Linear Frequency Response
    • High Gain, up to 6dBi
    • Incl. Detailed Calibration-Data
    • Robust Design
    • 2 Years Warranty
    HyperLOG X (Active) Series
    • Frequency: 380MHz – 20GHz
    • Active Version with Preamp
    • Extremely High Gain, up to 45dBi
    • Available with Bypass-Preamp
    • Incl. Detailed Calibration-Data
    • Battery or Externally Powered
    • 2 Years Warranty
    HyperLOG EMI Series
    • Frequency: 20MHz-6GHz
    • EMC Reference Antenna
    • 0,3dB Accuracy
    • High Gain, up to 10dBi
    • Incl. Detailed Calibration-Data
    • Max. Output-Power: 310W
    • Suitable for Immunity Measurements
    Light & Compact • For EMC Measurements • Active or Passive
    The BicoLOG series is the best solution, whenever a biconical antenna is needed. They are calibrated from 20MHz up to 3GHz and transform any normal spectrum analyzer into an EMC measurement device for pre-compliance testing. The BicoLOGs are available as active or passive versions.

    Types Highlights
    BicoLOG Series
    • Frequency: 20MHz-3GHz
    • Passive Version
    • Compact Design
    • 7 Different Types
    • For Labs and Antenna Calibration
    • Incl. Detailed Calibration-Data
    BicoLOG X (Active) Series
    • Frequency: 20MHz-3GHz
    • Active Version
    • Compact Design
    • 6 Different Types
    • Incl. Low Noise Preamp
    • For Labs and Antenna Calibration
    • Incl. Waterproof Case
    • Incl. Detailed Calibration-Data
    Near-Field Probes • For EMC Testing • Active or Passive
    The Aaronia Probe-Sets are compatible with any spectrum analyzer and enable the pinpoint measurement of interferences from DC up to 9GHz. The delivery scope includes conversion tables and a conversion app, detailed calibration data, 40dB pre-amplifier (PBS 2 only) and a 1m cable. The sets are perfect for the locating of interference sources, measurement of interference field strenghts, injecting fields into circuits to identify those which are EMC-susceptible and the testing of screening and filtering solutions. The sniffer probe sets include a total of 5 EMC probes.

    Type Highlights
    PBS Series
    • Frequency: DC – 9GHz
    • Active or Passive
    • Extremely Linear
    • Receive & Transmit
    • Compatible with all analyzers
    • 2 Years Warranty
    Small • Lightweight • Flexible • Broadband
    The OmniLOG series was developed as a cost-effective broadband antenna series for omni-directional measurements up to 8GHz. The antennas are small in size, cover frequencies from 300MHz up to 8GHz and have steady gain across the range. Compared to the HyperLOG series, the OmniLOG antennas enables the omni-directional measurement of field-strengths without having to point the antenna at the source. This allows for much faster threshold measurements. Available in three different versions.

    Type Highlights
    OmniLOG Series
    • Frequency: 300MHz – 8GHz
    • Omnidirectional
    • Small & Light
    • Cost-Effective
    • Compatible with all analyzers
    • Incl. Detailed Calibration-Data
    • 2 Years Warranty
    3D Measurements • Extremely Broadband • Array or Portable
    Aaronia’s newly developed IsoLOG 3D series is an innovative and uniquely designed series of devices:
    – The IsoLOG 3D antenna-array covers frequencies from 9kHz up to 20GHz and offers pin-point signal tracking when combined with a real-time spectrum analyzer.
    – The handy IsoLOG 3D mobile covers the range from 9kHz up to 6GHz and its main applications are 3D EMC-/EMI-measurements.

    Types Highlights
    IsoLOG 3D DF
    • Frequency: 9kHz – 20GHz
    • For Broadband Real-Time Spectrum Surveillance
    • High Tracking-Accuracy
    • High Tracking-Speed (up to 1µS)
    • Weatherproof
    • Very high gain
    • Compatible to almost any Analyzer
    • Incl. Control-Software
    IsoLOG 3D Mobile
    • Frequency: 9kHz – 8GHz
    • Portable 3D Antenna
    • Two Internal Bypass Preamp (+15dB each (@2GHz))
    • High Gain with Low Noise
    • Compatible to any Analyzer
    • Battery or Externally Powered
    • Incl. Control Software
  • HORN
    High Input Power • High Gain • Up to 40GHz
    The horn antennas of the PowerLOG series stand out because of their high input power of up to 500W and gain of up to 17dBi. The delivery scope of the series includes detailed calibration data and certificates which make them suitable for any kind of EMC-tests, signal emission measurements and signal transmissions. The very wide frequency range from 700MHz up to 40GHz can be covered by using only two antennas of the series.

    Type Highlights
    PowerLOG Series
    • Frequency: 700MHz – 40GHz
    • Up to 500W Output Power
    • Very High Gain, up to 17dBi
    • Incl. Detailed Calibration-Data
    • Suitable for Immunity Measurements
    • 2 Years Warranty
    Wide Frequency Range • Extremely Accurate Bearing
    With the magnetic field directional finding and tracking antennas of the MDF, MDF X (active) and MagnoTRACKER series, Aaronia has developed high-quality antennas for signal tracking and field-strength measurements from 1Hz upwards. Available in 8 different versions (2 passive and 6 active), the Aaronia magnetic field antennas cover a very wide frequency range from 1Hz to 400MHz.

    Types Highlights
    MDF Series
    • Frequency: 9kHz – 400MHz
    • High Conversion Accuracy
    • Perfect for Magnetic Field Direction Finding
    • Compact & Light
    • 2 Years Warranty
    MDF X (Active) Series
    • Frequency: 9kHz – 400MHz
    • Perfect for Magnetic Field Direction Finding
    • 3 Different Versions
    • With Preamp up to 40dB
    • Compact & Light
    • Incl. Waterproof Case
    • 2 Years Warranty
    MagnoTRACKER Series
    • Frequency: 1Hz – 1MHz
    • Extremely high Gain
    • Built-In Preamp up to 35dB
    • Up to 1° Directional Accuracy
    • Adjustable Frequency Settings
    • Incl. Waterproof Case
    Accurate • Peak Voltage Protection • Grid-Based
    Aaronia probes for grid-based measurements. Work flawlessly in combination with Aaronia spectrum analyzers. The active differential probe ADP1 is perfectly suited for the direct measurements of DSL-lines, oscillatory circuits, network grids and more.

    Type Highlights
    • Frequency: DC – 40MHz
    • Active Differential Probe
    • Potential-Free Measurements
    • Division Ratios: 1:100 & 1:1000
    • Accuracy: +/- 1%
    • Max. Input Voltage: 1400V