EMC shielded Video and Audio Systems

When performing EMC testing, it is important to monitor the device under test (DUT) without interfering with the measurement during emission tests. During these EMC tests, the monitoring system has to withstand the high field strengths generated during each measurement.

All devices that have electronic components of any kind – from a small electric shaver to a huge truck- are subject to EMC compliance testing. PONTIS EMC hardened audio and video products cover a whole range of applications.

Since 1989 PONTIS has been supplying EMC hardened devices “Made In Germany”. Our Audio and Video systems are installed in test sites all over the world. The extremely low defect rate is the result of a strict quality management system and intensive testing.

AP-FLYER sp. z o.o. is an official partner of Audivio. We invite you to get to know the wide range of the PONTIS brand.

We offer our clients:

  • Shielded Cameras
  • Shielded products for special applications, the range goes from field strength cameras (HIRF) to cameras that can even withstand the nuclear elelctromagnetic pulse
  • Shielded Audio
  • CCTV & Audio Systems
  • Shielded Converters

Detailed data of PONTIS products is available for download from the manufacturer’s website: (http://www.pontis-emc.com/downlads.html).