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Shielding materials

AP – FLYER together with the German company Aaronia offers its customers a wide range of shielding materials of the highest quality, developed using the latest technology, excellent shielding effectiveness in an attractive price. Aaronia’s materials are durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as moisture or frost. They are lightweight, breathable, easy to install. They guarantee high shielding effectiveness, particularly in the range of high GHz and against RF radiation and low-frequency fields.

Shielding materials of Aaronia are ideal for military or industrial applications, or to shield the household rooms, office, laboratory, and also to used as a fabric for clothing or curtains.

In our offer we have the following types of shielding materials:

  • – 100dB shielding non-woven material Aaronia X-Dream®
    The effectiveness of RF radiation shielding is: 70 dB (99.999 99%) at 20GHz and 110 dB (99.999 999 999%) at 500 MHz. Compared to other manufacturers of shielding non-wovens, Aaronia X-Dream® offers more than 100-fold better shielding effectiveness in examined range of frequencies. Moreover, the material through the grounding can be equally effective in the case of the presence of electrostatic fields and low frequencies electric fields (they are generated by network cables in walls, electrical appliances, overhead high voltage lines, etc.).
  • – 80dB stainless steel shielding material Aaronia X-Steel
    The material is made of 100% steel fibers. It meets all the requirements of industrial and military. It is almost indestructible. It is resistant to temperature up to 600°C. The material is perfect for electromagnetic shielding, clothes with a high level of protection against electromagnetic radiation, etc. Aaronia X-Steel offers the highest in the world shielding effectiveness of shielding materials permeable to air – it has a high screening efficiency in the range from 1 MHz to 50 GHz.
  • – 50dB shielding material Aaronia-Shield®
    The effectiveness of RF radiation shielding is: 43dB (99.992%) at 10GHz and 50dB (99.999%) at 1GHz. In addition, the material through the grounding may protect against electrostatic fields and electric fields of low frequencies that are generated by network cables in walls, electrical appliances and overhead high voltage lines. Aaronia-Shield® can be used like an ordinary fabric. It is the optimal material for making highly effective shields in the form of tents, canopies, mosquito nets, curtains, protective clothing, or for applications in astronautics.
  • – 20dB RF radiation shielding net A2000+
    The material is very economical and easy to install. It offers protection against RF radiation and low frequencies electric fields. It can be installed on walls or in concrete. It is also suitable for outdoor applications and can replace a standard reinforcing mesh. This procedure allows to reduce costs. The net can be used to shield of the local radiation sources (such as power cables or distribution boxes), and to protect entire rooms or buildings.