RF shielded rooms

AP-FLYER is an official partner of COMTEST Company in Poland (www.comtestnl.com). RF shielded rooms

Since sophisticated electronics permeate modern life controlled electromagnetic environments such as RF shielded rooms become essential. RF shielded rooms and RF shielded doors are an integral component in modern EMC test facilities. Communication and data centers, calibration and EMC test laboratories as well as many other related test facilities all require electromagnetic shielding.

RF shielded doors

The Comtest RF shielded doors are designed for high performance shielded enclosures. The shielding characteristics are achieved using a double knife edge, matching quadruple beryllium copper finger contact strip. Comtest RF shielded doors are equipped with a unique parallel closing mechanism and patented locking and latching system. All Comtest shielded doors are available in manual, semi- and full automatic operation. Our standard range of swing and sliding doors consists of many different models and can be designed with a 50mm low threshold. In EMC applications both ferrites and absorbers can be affixed to the standard door leaf.