The obvious and most important modules of semi and full anechoic chambers are RF shielded panels, RF shielded doors and microwave absorbers. On top of that the following key accessories are used to tailor the EMC test facility or antenna test chamber to each individual requirement:Honeycomb – Various standard dimensions are available to meet different air ventilation requirements.

Wall entry panel – Wall entry panels are used for mounting connectors and waveguide feedthroughs for FO cables, liquids or gas.

RF connectors – RF connectors are used to ensure good RF shielded feed through of various cables for communication purposes with test equipment or the equipment under test (EUT) / devise under test (DUT).

Reflective ground plane – In semi anechoic chambers the reflective ground plane design and construction is a key item for the good NSA performance of the EMC / EMI test chamber. The reflective ground floor is constructed using metal plates onto adjustable pedestals, in order to withstand an average max. load of 200 kg/m2. The overall height is selected to house the turntable and facilitate installation and access to the under-floor cables. An antistatic vinyl top-cover can be applied with a color to-be-selected among the Comtest available range.

Floor entry panel – Floor entry panels are positioned in the reflective ground plane of a semi anechoic chamber for easy access to RF connectors and electrics for the antenna mast or other test equipment.

Floor access panel – A floor access panel provides easy access under the reflective ground plane in a semi anechoic chamber.

Positioning equipment (Turn Table / Antenna mast) – Comtest is using fiber optic controlled turn table devices and antenna masts.

Mains power line filters – The power-line filters attenuate interference in the form of conducted emissions from the power mains. They will also limit the radiated emissions in a properly RF shielded system.

Data and signal line filters -These low-pass filters have been designed for feed telephone, control and data lines feed through of the shielded wall of an anechoic chamber, reverberation chamber or RF shielded room.

Fiber optic ethernet converters – High-speed communication links such as ethernet require a fiber optic converter system to pass through the shielding.

Waveguide feedthroughs – A waveguide feedthrough is required to enter a semi or full anechoic chamber while maintaining its RF shielding effectiveness level. Waveguide feedthroughs are used for various applications. The most common are to penetrate the RF shielding of the EMC facility for:

  • Fiber optic cables
  • Liquids
  • Exhaust smoke

EMC Test tables – Test tables are used during testing in semi anechoic chambers, cispr-25 test chambers and MIL-STD / DO-160 test chambers.

EMC test chamber lights – The Comtest test chamber lights have been designed for effective illumination of semi and full anechoic chambers. These special EMC cold lights and have an average life time of 10.000 hrs.

CC-TV – A CC-TV system is an ideal system to observe the EUT behavior during EMC testing. The system consists of remote controlled color camera including a color monitor and control keyboard.