• Bormann terminals

Bormann terminals

AP-FLYER in an official partner of Bormann EDV+Zubehoer GmbH company in Poland.

Bormann FT03

Bormann FT03 is a dust and splash-proof mobile police tablet PC system. The large 13.3″ WXGA display with multi-touch system is suitable for search, passport control and other daily police routine activities. FT03 is very easy to use, equipped with 2 hot-swap batteries, latest LTE data radio technology. Proven since 2001, the Bormann PC-belt technology has been tested for the FT03 by BMW and approved for use for the passenger in the car while driving. Bormann FT03 offers unique flexibility with concept of modular add-ons like RFID, MRZ or barcode readers or multiple other modules which can be docked for e-passport control.

Bormann Flatbook FLC09

Flatbook C09 offers a flexible solution to the need for police mobile data without having a PC fitted in every vehicle. The C09 can be used in-car indefinitely but can also be removed for use outside the vehicle for typically up to 3 hours. Flatbook C09 has a waterproof, IP54 rating, is backward and forward footprint compatible, sports MRZ, RFID and SmartCard readers and can be easily interfaced to other police accessories via Bluetooth /3G or direct connection eg the Flatbook C09 can be fitted with a TETRA modem or it can be connected to a TETRA radio via Bluetooth. Together with the approved accessories finger print reader, passport reader and digital tacho-graph chip card reader the Flatbook C09 provides a fully integrated solution for most police operations. Since the Flatbook C09 can also be easily removed from the vehicle it is simple and efficient to set up a temporary incident room and network several C09’s together

Bormann FTPR01 / Bormann MCA002

FTPR01 – a perfect combination of a 10.1″ tablet and integrated A4 termal printer. This all-in-one system is characterized by its intuitive use and replaces expensive and heavy case systems. FTPR01 comes with 3G, WLAN, BT and is equipped with 2 batteries for a whole working day.

Designed for health sector, the MCA002 is a robust, mobile information and communication system, easy to disinfect in hospital environment.

Its outstanding ergonomics allows to use it with left or right hand. Crystal clear 10.4″ touch display and application keys set new standards for daily work in public health. Simplest possible use – easy and ready system with hot swap battery concept designed for continuous operation. Comes with RFID, barcode and SmartCard readers.