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DARE!! Products is a International oriented company with a focus on creating EMC Test Applications, e.g.: Electric Field Probes, Electric Field Generators and Power Meters. Next to creating EMC related products DARE!! is also able to manage special projects related to EMC. e.g.: creating integrated EMC test Systems, Military EMC applications and much more.


  • RadiCentre® – Series of EMC Test Systems
  • RadiMation® – EMC Test Software
  • RadiField® – The Electric Field Generator with an power equivilency up to 200 Volts!
  • RadiPower® – The extremely fast en accurate Power Meter.
  • RadiSense® – The world’s most accurate E-Field Probe! (RS10)
  • RadiGen® – The signal generator without disturbance or glitches!
  • RadiLink® – The Optical link to prevent errors
  • RadiSwitch® – All the Different switchcards usable in combination with the RadiCentre®
  • RadiCoupler® – The Magnetic CDN for easy application and movement.