• Biometric AFIS


AP-FLYER is an official partner of DERMALOG GmbH (www.dermalog.com) company in Poland. Dermalog AFIS is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the development of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, DERMALOG’s core product. Being a pioneer in the field of automated fingerprint identification DERMALOG’s AFIS helped tremendously to revolutionize forensic fingerprint analysis more than two decades ago. Since then, DERMALOG’s AFIS has been implemented in numerous large scale critical projects all over the world. Due to continuous advancements DERMALOG has managed to develop an identification system that is far ahead of its time, being the first ever AFIS in the world capable of matching more than 129 million fingerprints within one second on a standard server without loss of accuracy. The renowned international SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has acknowledged that this combination of speed and accuracy is unique throughout the world. Simple and intuitive to operate, DERMALOG AFIS is synonymous with the highest levels of reliability and security.

Outstanding Features of the DERMALOG AFIS:

  • AFIS for law enforcement and civilian identification
  • Database with tenprints (TP), palmprints (PP) and latent prints (LP)
  • Includes TP-TP, TP-UL or PP-ULP / LT-TP, LT-UL, or LP-ULP searching
  • World’s fastest AFIS coding and matching while maintaining highest accuracy rates
  • Best performance in recognition rates Lowest FAR and FRR on the market
  • No proprietary hardware necessary as standard COTS hardware is used
  • Runs on all hardware platforms and common operating systems, such as Windows and/or Unix/Linux
  • Use of standard databases, such as Oracle
  • Customizable workflow and GUI Coding and matching of shape, global and local similarity checks, heuristics
  • Integration of digital photos and signatures
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Expandable to multi-biometric identification systems
  • High usability, easy to integrate, outstanding performance, unique security

The DERMALOG LF10 is the first tenprint and rolled fingerprint scanner with integrated Spoof and Liveness Detection against fake fingerprints and cut-off fingers. Dedicated special light sources and optical technology for Liveness Detection ensure the highest possible security against attacks with fake fingers and even against attacks with cut-off fingers. Unchallenged image quality is another major advantage of the DERMALOG LF10 scanner. Latest optics and live scan technology ensure the best possible image quality for plain tenprints and single prints as well as for rolled fingerprints. Compare it yourself! Even the pores can be seen in the “enlargement” mode. The capability to capture rolled fingerprints is another major feature of the DERMALOG LF10 scanner. With its large scanning window the LF10 is optimized for creating high quality images.

The DERMALOG ZF2 – a remarkably compact optical fingerprint scanner – provides state-of-the-art quality in fingerprint technology. It fulfills all quality requirements by the FBI, ANSI-NIST, MINEX, ILO and numerous other standards for plain and rolled fingerprint images. The DERMALOG ZF2, makes it possible to capture either two plain fingerprints at once or one single rolled fingerprint. Thanks to its high quality and compactness as well as the possibility to capture plain and rolled fingerprints, the DERMALOG ZF2 is extremely versatile. It can be used to capture fingerprint images for e-Passports, e-ID cards and any other biometric document. Furthermore it can be employed by police forces with focus on forensic purposes due to its ability to capture rolled fingerprints.

As an extension of the DERMALOG eBorder Kiosk, DERMALOG Biometric Gate offers an even easier -to -use application:  It very effectively prevents border crossers from being delayed and captures their fingers quickly and securely almost while the border crossers walk through.  As a result, no queues will build up at the border crossing:

  • Automatic detection of the right or left hand
  • Automatic fingerprint segmentation
  • Automatic fingerprint quality control
  • Automatic image compression and fingerprint template generation
  • Fast collection of fingerprints, about four times faster than a one-finger scanner while taking ten fingerprints
  • Fully integrated DERMALOG AFIS and DERMALOG Border Control